When I started to get familiar with the "Metaverse" I was totally lost in the beginning. As I like to have things structured I started to note down and cluster the different information, articles, white papers and all that stuff that exists about "The Metaverse". Doing so, the following taxonomy was born.

It does not claim to be complete or scientific - it just helped me to get a better understanding of what needs to be discussed or thought about when talking about the Metaverse. Therefore I thought it might help others as well.

Taxonomy of the metaverse, R. Sievers

Looking at these clusters "the Metaverse" is use case and enabler at the same time. It is not one technology or one platform. It is a combination of a lot of technologies that are already there and new evolving ones, combining them to comprehensive use cases - a cohesive facilitating force, so to say.

What are your thoughts? Maybe you have your own taxonomy in mind and want to share it as well. Looking forward to your feedback!

Tags: Digital Transformation, Business Consulting