Customer Journey Mapping Workshop
Customer centricity in practice

How well do you know your company from the customer's point of view? This view tends to be unsharpen due to digitization. It's time to track your position and set the course for your successful future.

Customer Journey Mapping Workshop

Our experts support you in developing your own customer experience management. Together with your employees, we develop important insights and measures for the future of your company.

Your advantages through Customer Journey Mapping

  • Reality check – you receive an honest and objective as-is comparison of your business model from the customer's point of view
  • Identification of important actions – you capture the weaknesses and potentials within your customer experience
  • Development of a customer-centric mindset – The actual view of the customer moves into your awareness
  • Cross-functional networking – you promote interdisciplinary exchange within your company
  • Generate focus: stakeholder management, backlog building and optimization, prioritization methods, minimal viable product development, user journey, user story mapping, design thinking, rapid innovation

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Workshop Content

The workshop sets the basis for building a sustainable customer experience management process in your company - tailored to your needs.


  • Introduction to the basics of customer experience management
  • Examples from practice
  • Procedure models and possible expansion stages
  • Journey Mapping in the context of your business development


  • Building a phase model for your customer journeys
  • Identifying your most important customer journeys
  • Development of personas
  • Interactive journey mapping


  • Derivation of precisely fitting, valuable measures
  • Evaluation of your efforts
  • Development of a cost-benefit matrix
  • Alignment with your vision and corporate goals

Recommendations for action

  • Establishing customer experience management in your company
  • Application of the course contents in your individual daily work routine

Solved question

What are pain points of our customers that we have become blind to in everyday life?


Solved question

Are the company vision and our values also visible to the customer?


Participant voice

The benefits of customer journey mapping have always been unclear to me. When I put on the customer glasses in the workshop, I only realized how far away we are from the customer.

- Anne B, Head of Contract Management

Solved question

Do our employees have a shared understanding of the lived customer experience?


Solved question

At what point in the customer journey do we lose the most customers?


Solved question

Where does our company make a difference to the customer?


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