25 years of digital love.

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Immerse yourself with us in a quarter of a century of fme!

Our Story

In the case of fme, digital love is not a story that made its romantic start digitally at Parship or ElitePartner. It is a story of two men who had an idea, that started in a small rented apartment in Braunschweig, Germany and continued when they brought another young, visionary man on board - a certain Dirk Bode, today's CEO of fme AG.

It is the story of an IT company that started out with two people in Braunschweig and has become a team of around 300 employees internationally.

It is a story that does not evoke dry zeros and ones in people's minds when hearing the keyword »IT«, but rather a lot of heart, a lot of personality, a lot of courage and a lot of exciting projects.

25 years of digital love is also a story about a company that suddenly has to face the worst crisis since World War II.

25 years, a time in which others get married and celebrate a silver wedding anniversary, raise children in the meantime and have them leave home - a time in which fme has grown from a small IT system integrator to an international consulting company for digital transformation.

fme Headquarters in Braunschweig
Frank Mittelstaedt with his dog Jonas (†), who was his faithful (office) companion from 2013 to 2018

»I look back at the last 25 years with awe. Of course, I am very pleased with the economic success, but I am even more pleased by the fact that we have created a company with a very special DNA, to which the term »LOVE« fits in so many ways.« 

Frank Mittelstaedt,
one of the two founders and authorized representative of fme AG. 

About a lot of heart and a lot of personality

A strong love is based on values that the partners share and that constitute their relationship. fme has maintained its characteristic values over the years, despite enormous growth. Maybe THE secret ingredient for 25 years of success? This includes open, honest, fair, flat hierarchies, the loyalty of employees, clients and business partners as the ultimate goal. The fact that employees are loyal can be seen in the low fluctuation rate and the regular employee anniversaries, for which we not only celebrate five, 10 or 15 years @ fme, but have also toasted to 20 years of employment several times.

Personal impressions of the company culture are collected in afme Culture Book, which is published about every other year. The employees report individually, of course uncensored, about their personal thoughts and experiences in the form of stories, photos and quotations.

We have also worked with several clients and business partners for more than 20 years. To ensure that this remains the case, fme regularly conducts internal and external surveys on the likelihood to recommend us to others (NPS), and and we are continously working to improve based on the received feedback.

Our vision: Your partner for digital transformation. It's fme you love to work with.
Fresh fruit - the healthy alternative to the candy bar ;)

In a good relationship it is often the little things that make a big difference. A strong trust is also essential and - not to forget: the way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach. So, in their daily work, fme employees enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables, free beverages, a candy bar, flexible working hours, the possibility to take sabbaticals, the fme Academy and many other benefits.

About a great deal of courage

In Germany, around 150,000 marriages were divorced last year, which means a divorce rate of about 36% after an average of 15 years of marriage (source: Federal Statistical Office). fme's Digital Love easily passed this critical mark.

Of course, in 25 years of (digital) love, you may encounter small or large stumbling blocks, temptations and the danger of unfaithfulness arise. Classic »IT dust« tries to settle down, boredom fights its way to confirm prejudices in many minds. And, not to forget, a classic reason for divorce: »We have grown apart«.

fme has always remained true to itself and its values. At the speed at which fme adapts to the ever-changing world and is constantly evolving, not a single speck of dust manages to stick to the fme image. Boredom cannot last long, not with the speed and the exciting projects. Growing apart? No chance with fme. Outstanding, uplifting parties, exciting team events, a social intranet and a great deal of commitment at all levels create a sense of fellowship that makes it impossible to grow apart - even across different locations and continents.

(Ice cream) fun on the roof-top terrace at the headquarters in Braunschweig

fme shows courage to be as it is and not to be bent. The employees are encouraged to be courageous, think outside the box, dare to try something new. What if mistakes are made in the process? No problem. Only those who dare to make mistakes can keep up with the rapid pace of this world. In such cases, it is important to reflect and learn from them together.

About exciting projects

Besides a lot of heart, a lot of personality and a lot of courage, it is the exciting, multifaceted projects that characterize fme. Whether in the field of Business Consulting, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Content Management, Custom Software or Managed Services, or with its own globally successfulproduct for Content Migration. fme consults, designs, implements and operates. For that the company brings along very special strengths: Experience from numerous international projects, in-depth industry knowledge, high quality paired with agility, innovation and trust. These are all ingredients that in total create a unique company. As diverse as fme's services are its clients, who range from international pharmaceutical companies to local medium-sized businesses.

About stumbling blocks and stumbling mountains

fme knew only one direction in the past 25 years: upwards - most recently with a turnover of 28 million Euros. Small stumbling blocks were left behind with flying colors. But in March this year it was suddenly no longer a stumbling block. fme is now facing a stumbling mountain that is currently shaking every relationship in the world: Corona. And what does fme do?
We pack our mountaineering equipment and climb the stumbling mountain, taking with us what there is to learn, what we can do even better, such as even more extensive home office options in the post-Corona era or how to open up more to new industries, aside from our focus sectors of industrial manufacturing and life sciences. We have summarized our learnings on this website so that other companies can also benefit from them. As a company, we will also master the worst crisis since the Second World War successfully. After 25 years, nothing can stagger fme that easily!

About great optimism

With the entire fme family, which - in addition to fme AG with offices in Braunschweig, Frankfurt and Munich - also includes fme SRL with its office in Romania since 2005 as well as fme US, LLC with its office in the USA since 2010, we look to the future with optimism.

Our exciting success story from a small IT system integrator to an international consulting company for digital transformation is far from over. There are still numerous pages to fill. Faithful to our values, agile in our services, courageous in our plans, such as a growth of 80% in the next five years, and of course: With a lot of digital love!

About gratitude and solidarity

At this point we want to say thank you very much! Thank you, to every single employee of the fme family, thank you to our partners and thank you to our clients, who play a very special role and with whom we author the stories of our regions:

»The reason why we get up every morning? We want to help our clients to use the digital transformation as an opportunity and to continue to be successful in the market. If we make a contribution here, it will have a positive impact on the regions in which we operate. Only successful companies can give something back: paying taxes and being socially committed. In the end, this benefits us all.« 

Dirk Bode, CEO of fme AG.

To the next 25 years of digital love @ fme!